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Hi there. I want to try something on Oracle Cloud Free tier, using Cloudflare DNS free tier also. I have two different accounts on Oracle, with different IP`s. What i want to try is to use one instance with one IP for hosting 3 sites, and another instance with other IP for mail relay services. I am using HestiaCP as control panel on both accounts and instances.

I want to use for domains pointing and for mail services. Is that possible to add like A record pointing to mail and IP to multiple domains, and A record pointing to @ for domains pointing? I am asking because i have tried to send mail from using sendinblue for 2 domains, and only one arrives and receive mails. The DKIM,DMARC and spf records are added to all three domains added to Cloudflare, separate for each domain… I am doing something wrong ?


Thank you for asking.

Unfortunately, you cannot change the given Cloudflare IPs for a proxied :orange: hostname (DNS record). It’s anycast and they change from time to time.

On a lookup, sometimes there are 2, sometimes 3 shown for a proxied hostname.

Furthermore, Cloudflare proxy :orange: works only for Web traffic as per the documentation says at the link below, meaning you can have A mail hostname unproxied :grey: (DNS-only).

Kindly, see the listed suggestions at the link below under the title “Best practices for MX records on Cloudflare”:

Nevertheless, there is a way to use specific ports which are related for e-mail and protect that, but it would require you to use Cloudflare Spectrum service and a higher paid plan:

Already followed the steps. What i was talking about , it is if possible to serve domain from one IP and mail from a different IP. The proxied entries are only for cname and for root domain, but i tried without that proxied and still not working.

You can certainly use different IP addresses for mail and web services. This is normal. But if you are trying to run a mail server on the mail address, you should have your MX record pointed to mail (it is currently pointed to your root domain).

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Then the record should look like name: mail or name: , for the MX entry ?

Are you sure is the correct solution ? Because look what @fritex says here in another post … Proxy or DNS only? Email not working when proxied

Either way will work. If you just put a hostname like mail it will assume your domain. You can put the domain on if you want to make it clear, too.

The MX record tells the internet where mail for your domain should go. You need it pointing at an address that is NOT proxied, because Cloudflare’s proxy only works for web traffic. This does NOT need to be the same address as your website, and in fact technically doesn’t even need to be in your domain, it just needs to have a mail server on it that accepts mail for your domain. It’s common to have this pointed at a hosting company’s mail server or something like that, something other than your website address.

The key, when you’re using Cloudflare, is that you cannot have your MX record pointing at a proxied address.

O-oh, my bad of understanding what you have asked.
Yes, you can have separate hosts/IPs for each service, if so.

At the DNS tab, it would “strip out” the domain name, and leave only A mail to you visible, just like A www, or A sub, etc…
Therefore, MX pointed to
A mail has to be :grey: (DNS-only).

Which is exactly as you have from the above screenshot, from what I do see.

You should proxy :orange: the A (root) :wink:

I made the changes, removed the cname entry for www,and the A record for @ domain, and left only the rest of the entries, as they are in the screenshot.

Ok, great.

Regarding Sendinblue, I wonder how did you configured it in some web app or online form to use SMTP service and to which does it connect to send out e-mails, if so, as you described you experienced some issue with receiving them :thinking:

May I ask if you are using WordPress or?

HestiaCP allows you to set up smtp relay services for mail purposes.

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