Multiple IP addresses, the last IP address cannot be deleted

When Fallback Origin for Custom Hostnames is configured and multiple IP addresses are resolved, the last IP address cannot be deleted.


This is because you are using your apex domain as fallback in your custom hostnames, so you will need to delete the fallback origin first, then delete the AAAA record in your DNS dashboard, and then go back and create the fallback origin again.

The fallback origin can’t see which a/AAAA record you are using as it is only looking at the hostname and you are using the hostname in all your A/AAAA records.

I understand that when there is a fallback source, the IP resolution cannot be empty.

But I have multiple IP resolutions. Logically, I only need to keep at least one IP resolution.

Now I can delete the other IPs, but not the last one.
I think this is a cloudflare bug

Does cloudflare have any plans to fix this bug?

This problem greatly affects my writing of high-availability scripts.

I hope that the faulty IP can be blocked when the machine fails,
but now the last IP of multiple IPs cannot be blocked.

keep wait answer

keep wait answer