Multiple IP addresses proxied - what happens if 1 host down?

I am on the free plan (mostly hobby site) and am working on setting up a site with primitive failover:

  • 2 hosts running same content on low-cost hosting
  • one host might go down at random
  • both hosts behind Cloudflare proxy under 1 name

If one of the servers goes down, will Cloudflare try the other IP registered?
I know there exists the load balancing product, but that feels overkill.

From this article: it sounds like smart failover is enabled by default on paying subscriptions… However i can find no setting for the free account.

There is no setting for zero-downtime failover. It’s automatic.

Thanks. My initial test with one site not responding and the other “ok” was in fact broken.

After fixing the one that was supposed to be ok to use an origin certificate, it successfully resolved in a few minutes.

One thing that did seem lacking was any insight as to whether Cloudflare could reach either location… besides trying to watch specifically for traffic from Cloudflare on my end. Would there be more logs available for one of the paying levels (besides enterprise)?

Paid plans do have Health Checks:

A good logging solution is

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