Multiple IP addresses in use

BlueHost is stating my website is not loading bc there are multiple IP addresses in use. None of the IP addresses listed on are the same as the IP address listed on Cloudflare. I need help determining how to delete an IP address and which one is the correct one.

Assuming that the domain is proxied (i.e. orange cloud) through Cloudflare, the IP that the visitors connect to could be any of Cloudflare’s IPs. These IPs can change and vary over time.

Cloudflare will connect to your origin server, in this case, at Bluehost. Cloudflare will connect to your origin using the A/AAAA/etc. record(s) that you have configured within Cloudflare.

How Cloudflare works · Cloudflare Fundamentals docs

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BlueHost says there should only be one IP address.

That person is incorrect, there are thousands of bluehost + cloudflare customers with 2 IPs; ask to speak with someone up the chain. But before you do that, what is not working about your site? I visited it and it looks ok to me.

When you do, point out they are a cloudflare partner that is not aware of how cf works. (And, if one IP is a requirement, their docs are out of date, as that is not mentioned.)

They are suggesting it is causing my website to go offline continuously. And when I click on the Plugin setting it gives me an error message.

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Thank you. I imagine their helpdesk would be flooded with similar tickets if that were the case. Is there an error message displayed when the site goes offline?

What plugin & what error is returned?

The error message is 522. The Cloudflare plugin.

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That’s a timeout error that the origin is passing to Cloudflare, suggestions and some great troublehsooting questions to ask bluehost here,

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