Multiple incorrect subscriptions showing (business plans)

We have 3 domains but see 5 subscriptions.

domain A : Shows 1 x Business Plan + 1 x Free Plan
domain B: Shows 2 x Free Plan
domain C: Shows 1 x Business Plan

Only C is correct. In the case of both A and B domains we see a spurious Free Plan.

The impact of this is although we are paying ($250/mth) for Business, we are only seeing Free Plan features.

Note that both the impacted domains were auto-deleted and re-added as per Domain deleted from Cloudflare · Cloudflare DNS docs
as we didn’t migrate the name servers over as quickly for those.

This is a urgent issue for us but we haven’t seen any movement on raised tickets:
#3255315 - subscriptions
#3252704 - specific detail of symptoms relating to managed rules
#3252780 - original ticket about the business upgrade not working.

Hi there, let’s work the trouble through the tickets.
Please kindly respond back on the ticket for an update.

Thank you.

hello @oshariff. We chatted the support team yesterday to chase these tickets and they managed to find an engineer to look at. Seems to be resolved. For the record (and other people who might have similar issues) all I can say is that something was required to be done on cloudflare’s end to remedy, so the option is only to wait until support deal with it. Thanks

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