Multiple Fake Websites behind Cloudflare Nameservers

Not sure about best place to get support for this, but there are multiple websites using Cloudflare nameservers, I’m assuming to block traffic by IP, that are falsely representing an ecommerce brand I work with.

I attempted to submit DMCA requests through Cloudflare’s form, however, I get a notice that the websites are not hosted by Cloudflare. There are no further steps after I get this error, so reaching out to the community here in hopes that I can get some information on what my next steps can be.

I just discovered , which can be a bit helpful, but in general doesn’t tell me additional information. I know the sites are using Cloudflare nameservers based on ICANN information.

What additional steps can I take here? We’ve reported the sites to major search engines, I’ve reached out to the domain registrars as well, but Cloudflare won’t accept a DMCA even though these websites are using Cloudflare nameservers.

All the sites look like PHP apps being hosted on nginx. No apparent CMS being used where we could report. Here’s the link to one of the websites - other country/region-specific websites all appear to be using exact same app just translated to region:

Any and all help on where to go from here would be super helpful.

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Cloudflare offers different types of services, some, such as DNS, are not going to have any relevance to the DMCA.

That site you shared is using Cloudflare DNS, but is not using the Cloudflare proxy. That means that Cloudflare’s response to your DMCA takedown request is correct. The site is not using Cloudflare. You need to direct your complaint to the host. You can query for the identity of the host by using the IP in whois.

You can get a better idea of how abuse reporting works at Cloudflare in this article.


Thank you I appreciate the response!

Still confusing to me if they’re using Cloudflare DNS why they wouldn’t be considered as using Cloudflare but I’ll review the doc referenced to try and get a better understanding here of what’s going on and our next steps.

Appreciate your time!

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