Multiple env/account (not multiple users users) support for cloudflare stream

Is there a way to set up multiple envs (i.e. dev, prod) in Cloudflare Stream? Note that I do not mean adding multiple user accounts.

Alternatively, is there an (easy) way to create multiple Cloudflare user accounts? I tried re-using my email address (and variations like [email protected]) and the platform rejected it as already in use.

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I’d second this as a useful feature - right now our dev and production environments share keys, which isn’t ideal. That being said, the CF team has said so far that they don’t plan to do this as recently as July. See @zaid in this thread:

I “simulated” this feature by just creating two different Cloudflare accounts. I believe they needed to be owned by different email addresses. Individual users can still be added to both accounts though.