Multiple email server

I have a domain name with multiple emails and one of the emails is with google the same domain, how should I set up the DNS for the emails and the email with google so everything works fine?

Yes, you can have both working.

Kindly, could you post what is the domain name?

If your domain is added to Cloudflare, can you post a screenshot which DNS records do you currently have? (regarding the privacy, you are allowed and can mask/hide your server IP address)

Moreover, if you are using Google Suite, or would like to use your Gmail, or Google Workspace, kindly check here for information about how and which records you would need to add to your Cloudflare DNS dashboard:

Usefull links:

Sorry for late reply.
The domain is
And yes it is with Cloudflare and the email I want to use with google is {redacted}.

There’s no way to specify which mail server accepts mail for a given user using the same address. If you want to split your mail between 2 platforms you’ll want to look at the instructions from the vendors in question on how to configure that if they support it.

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