Multiple domains


I’m quite new with Cloudflare and thinking of transfer all approx. 300 domains to Cloudflare.

What would be the most convenient way to do this and is there any limits or other restrictions with amount of domains etc. that I should pay attention for choosing suitable Cloudflare Plan?


That’s quite a project. There aren’t any limits in the number of domains your account can hold. What is your goal?

My goal is to start using Cloudflare services for these domains.

Go right ahead.

And there is no way to import domains in bulk, only adding then one by one in Cloudflare control panel?

It seems like @zahirzohair445 is doing just that right now.

Well, I am not adding multiple domain but I am trying to add multiple records for one domain at one time. for @helpdesk9 case I think the bellow API would be helpfull.


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