Multiple Domains using Custom Nameservers with text records

Hello Community!

Please advise me on this scenario.

I have 100 domain names, and would like for them to have one custom set of nameservers that have generic text records that apply to all domains, and point A / CNAME to one specific server.

I would like to accomplish this without adding 100 domains / zone to cloudflare.

My goal is to have one set of nameservers, change the nameservers at the registrar to the custom nameservers managed here at CloudFlare, which will immediately point the domain to my server and will contain the necessary text records.

Is this possible with Cloudflare?

As of right now I am adding these domains to my CF account and then managing the DNS information via API. I would like to not have to do this at all and simply change the nameserver of the domain and have it point where needed with one singular managed nameserver.

All advice is appreciated.

Hi @rp11,

You may be able to contact Sales and get an Enterprise agreement for this, but I don’t believe it is possible on self-serve plans. All domains will need to be added as a zone here.

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