Multiple domains under one Pro subscription?

I just signed up for Cloudflare so that I can take company domains back from a 3rd party that is currently managing them on their own Cloudflare account.

I added a non important domain for testing purposes and to get a feel for Cloudflare, and I set that up with the Pro subscription. I then tried to add another non-important site and it wanted me to purchase another subscription??

Do I have to have a subscription for each domain? Or can I add multiple domains under one Pro subscription?? And how do I do this?

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No. That is not possible. You can use a free subscription, but every domain requires its own subscription.


Thank you for the response.

Couple of follow up questions…

  1. Can I move the Pro subscription to another domain? Currently I have it on a forwarder domain.
  2. I have one domain that hosts the website, all the other domains are just forwarders to the primary website domain. I’m assuming that I only need the free subscription for the forwarders?

Hi @rlindsay,

No the plans are not transferable to another domain.


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