Multiple domains to same website?

We have one WordPress website using one domain. Our domain registrar, Network Solutions, points to 2 Cloudflare servers to act as DNS. In our Cloudflare account, the records for that domain’s DNS are working properly, sending traffic to our WPserver and sending email to our GoDaddy email accounts. All good.
However we have an old domain, and the site has stopped working and cannot be revived. Because there is much overlap between the old site and our current/new one, we would like all web traffic trying to reach ANY page (home or interior pages) on the OLD website to end up in our new website. It would be just ok to have any URL to the old site, regardless of subdirectories or pages in the old URL, to all end up on our new home page. However, it would be much better if ANY URL including the old domain to end up on a ‘landing page’ on our new site which would explain they are being redirected, the old site is gone, etc.
What would I need to do to get all web traffic with the OLD domain to end up on our new one?

Just make sure the Forwarding URL is the new URL you want everybody to land on. You don’t need the $2 part to forward the path as well.

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