Multiple domains over tunnel

Hi! I’ve been trying to make this work but haven’t found the way yet.
I configured a tunnel for an X domain. The server hosting the tunnel, also has nginx as reverse proxy. The tunnel, for X domain+app is working perfectly. The issue is that when I try to add another domain to the same tunnel, it does not work.

The tunnel config is something along these lines (removed forward slashes)

tunnel: UUID
credentials-file: /root/.cloudflared/UUID.json
- hostname: X
service: https:
noTLSVerify: true

                - hostname: www.X
                service: https:
                    noTLSVerify: true

                - hostname: Y
                service: http:

                - hostname: www.Y
                service: http:

                - service: http_status:404

Over in the DNS dashboard for the Y domain, I created two CNAME records (root+www) pointing to the tunnel. The same goes for X domain.

Is that the correct way to do it? Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.


Why not try the GUI of tunnel, it’s much simpler

I’m kinda a CLI freak. But maybe that’s the way! I’ll give it a try

In service you didn’t add port number and this should something like this https://localhost:443

I think that’s not necessary. 443 is working.

You know what? This was the solution hahahahaha
Thanks for the suggestion cloudcreatr!

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