Multiple domains and redirect


Hey, how are you?

I need some help, please. I’m starting to use CloudFlare and I have a doubt.

I have a website ( and this domain is the primary domain. However, I have another 3 domains that I want to be redirected to the primary domain. They are:

Well, I don’t know if I should add all these domains on CloudFlare or add just the primary domain.

How should I do to make them redirect to the primary domain through CloudFlare? I don’t know how to make this process.




I do this for some of my domains. Add them all here and make sure they’re all set to :orange: in DNS.

For each redirecting domain, create a Page Rule in that zone (Domain) and Match: ** then Add Setting for a Forwarding URL (Code 301) to

p.s. I’m doing well. Thanks for asking! :smile:


Thanks for answering! :smile:

I’ll try it now. I’ve been looking for solving this problem for months haha


I had to edit my post for the Page Rule Match. The asterisks always get hidden unless I escape them.


No problem hehe Anyway, this is very useful to know


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