Multiple Domain pointing to single Host IP


I have two site domains and both I am trying to point to a common HOST IP. But only one of them is working perfectly and for the other site I am getting Error Code: 522 . Not sure how I can achieve this. Or can I redirect from site2 to site-1.


What are the domains in question?

site-1 (working)
site-2 (Error-522)

The DNS setup looks okay. So the two www records of both domains do point to the very same IP address?

yes same IP.

Alright, can you absolutely rule out that it could be a local issue of the site simply not responding in time? I.e. when you open the site directly - bypassing Cloudflare - it opens “immediately” without problems and does not hang for a longer period?

From go-daddy domain manger also with http I am not able to access it. let me fix that first. thank you Sandro for your quick response.

SSL config was the actual problem. When it was Full error was coming. when I made to Fexible then it started working.

It’s working right now.

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