Multiple docker container ports with route dns to one tunnel

I have my dns setup with siteground and I have multiple working Cloudflare tunnels in zero trust pointed to different subdomains within my domain. I created the CNAME entries to point to and then created the tunnel link and route dns with config.yml ingress rules.

My question is there a better way to not have to create a new tunnel everytime or can I just have one tunnel with multiple subdomains pointing to it? I read somewhere that the config.yml file will support multiple local websites within one tunnel but that the tunnel needs to be duplicated within Cloudflare dns somehow. I dont have that option within siteground or within my Cloudflare account.

Does anyone know what I mean?

I assume your docker instance is on one host (a single IP address)?

I have traefik setup in Docker where it recognizes subdomain names. Then in the Cloudflare DNS I have one A record pointing to “ingress domain com” and every other service I run is a CNAME that points to ingress domain com.

The tunnel makes access possible and then traefik resolves to a specific service based on the subdomain.