Multiple DNS Records Exist

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I’ve been notified by my website host that there are multiple DNS records on my domain, 1 pointing directly to their server and 1 pointing to Cloudflare. I have been advised by them that only one DNS record should exist and that it should be pointing to Cloudflare. The multiple DNS records are apparently slowing down my site drastically and to fix that the one DNS record needs to be removed.

How do I get this right? When I set up Cloudflare a while back, I followed set up guides and all and the only A record on Cloudflare has the website’s server IP address (which I got from the host). Is this not correct ?

Please kindly assist me with removing the second DNS or setting it up properly to only point to Cloudflare.

Thank you.

What you described is not impossible, but rather improbable.

What’s the domain?

Also, even if you had that configuration it would not slow down anything. That bit simply is off.

The domain is

That domain is properly proxied and only resolves to Cloudflare

Thank you, I said that to the host too, but they said it points to them and to Cloudflare… Maybe they weren’t right

Well, it points to them as far as the eventual request is concerned. Cloudflare will obviously forward the request, but DNS is proxied and only points to Cloudflare.

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