Multiple DNS and/or Page Rules export/import from/to CloudFlare at once instad of doing the same steps for each while managing multiple domains/websites under one CloudFlare account?

Currently I have to “click, click, click …” on each domain and go to “Advanced” button and then “export DNS” to have the file saved as .txt for each domain.

I just wonder is there an option to export DNS from CloudFlare to an .txt file from multiple domains/websites at once?

I have to manage 40-50 of them, it would be a kind of a time save up if we can select like “checkbox” domains we want to export DNS and save as zip or something?

Also, the Page Rules, could it be possible to export them too?

It is kind of a challenge to do it when you have X accounts to manage and also XY domains on each of them.

Maybe a feature request for 2021?

Or maybe that already exists, but should I switch to an Enterprise account and transfer all of them under “one” CloudFlare account just because?

Thank you and appreciate!

For heavy lifting in multiple zones, try Terraform:

For just exporting DNS records, you can script an API loop:


Thank you for repply @sdayman. Will check and do.

It’s mainly to have as a “backup” just in case … I believe I would not be able to remember each DNS records for multiple domains, that’s the reason why do I ask.

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