Multiple CNAMES

I currently have a Wordpress site hosted at WPEngine and a BigCommerce Store! I’m trying to merge the online store to my Wordpress site via a subdomain “store”. I created a CNAME of “store” to go to my BC site, but BC needs me to create another CNAME that goes to the www version of that BC site in order for my BC SSL to work properly! Cloudflare is not allowing me to do that! Is it because I have a free CF account or because of CNAME Flattening or whatever? Thank you for any tips you might have to offer!

You probably already have a DNS record for ‘www’. That’s unfortunate that BC wants to hijack a hostname you’re not using for BC. You can certainly try to temporarily replace your current ‘www’ record with their CNAME if that’s not the main URL for your domain. Then switch it back. Hopefully it won’t break their certificate renewal process.

I also suggest you reach out to BC to find out why they need a CNAME for a subdomain they won’t be using.

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