Multiple CName Records with cdn-1 cdn-2 cdn-3 and so on

Please check below image -

there are above entries in my DNS and when I delete them my site goes down. i think ezoic is the culprit behind it. i don’t use it anymore but all these entries aren’t required. what should I do now.

Yes, correct.

Strange a bit :thinking: Might be you removed the A or CNAME, as same as possible A www together with them?

I’d suggest you to login to their dashboard interface and unhook your domain from them to stop using their service for sure.

Double-check which assigned Cloudflare nameservers you’re using for your domain name at your domain registrar by looking up at the WHOIS and under your Cloudflare account.

Otherwise, they’ll reappear and some new DNS records might be deleted due to the integration.

I’d double-check this with their Support and on my eZoic account to disable integration in this case. Therefrom, I’d just use Cloudflare individually (without eZoic integration) for my domain and double-check the DNS records, then delete those which aren’t in use anymore.

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