Multiple Cloudflare accounts DNS IP address change

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Changing old server IP to new server IP on multiple Cloudflare accounts

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I am in the process of upgrading my hosting server which will come with a new IP address and nameservers. However, the big issue is that each client website has it’s own Cloudflare account. Is there a way to change any Cloudflare account with a specific IP address and change it to a new IP address?

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DNS records

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Nothing to reproduce

You could create a script that uses the Cloudflare API to loop through a list of accounts, for each account get every zone, for each zone get all the DNS records and update any that use the IP address you want to change.

For each account you’d need to have the global API key or configure an appropriate API token so whether this is worth doing depends on the how many accounts are involved.


There are about 60 accounts so I’ll just do them one by one. Sigh

You might want to consider using CNAMEs instead of A records.

That way, you’d only need to change the IP once in the future.

Since each domain is in its own account, such CNAMEs would unfortunately result in Error 1014: CNAME Cross-User Banned.

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I can’t test right now, but wouldn’t it work if the target record is not proxied but DNS-Only?

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Yes, that would work for anyone who is only using Cloudflare for DNS. I guess I just default to :orange:, like the dashboard. :rofl:

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What i meant is a proxied CNAME record to a DNS-Only A record in a different account. Would that not work? I thought cross account CNAMEs were only blocked to proxied targets, but I don’t have a second account to test it.

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That’s a novel approach that I had never considered. I don’t know the answer, but now I want to. :grin:

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I just gave it a try with some random unproxied IP and got an SSL Handshake error, not a 1014. So I guess that means it would work.

If you want a definitive answer, you could create a CNAME to and tell me the hostname. I could then put a short Hello World! up on port 80.