Multiple back-ends for one website

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What is the domain name?

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Yes, but it’s not clear if it’s possible, I couldn’t find it at least.

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Our hypothetical website has multiple backends, e.g. it’s a WordPress site that lives on a specific domain, let’s say We want to deliver the assets from a CDN (because they’re on S3), which has as URL.

At the moment I’ve no idea if it’s possible or how to accomplish this.

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N/A (we’re looking for the “how to” on this)

Was the site working with SSL prior to adding it to Cloudflare?

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Are you asking whether you can route traffic to multiple origin servers under the same DNS record based on the URL path?

e.g. you have and your website is served from one origin IP or hostname but you have static assets served from another IP or hostname - and you want them both to be served from the same DNS record or hostname?

If so, that’s possible using Origin Rules but the ability to override DNS records, hostnames & SNI would require an Enterprise plan to use.

You may be able to achieve some of this alternatively by writing Worker code and deploying that to your domain. I don’t have a specific example, but this is a similar concept: Bulk origin override · Cloudflare Workers docs whereby specific types of requests are fetching from a different source and everything else passes through and uses your normal DNS configuration.

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Well our exact use case is hard to explain… first off, we’re coming from StackPath, who is stopping their CDN services as of 22 November.

We’re looking for a simple CDN replacement, and we like Cloudflare for it, however it’s not exactly matching with our requirements at the moment.

We have websites running at a specific domain, e.g.
Those should be served by the configured origin.

But, if we’re using S3 to upload assets for said domain, they come from a different domain (

Above is a scenario where we have the full proxied integration.

Then, second scenario, CDN only: we’re not really sure how to accomplish this, we simply need CDN’s for specific S3 buckets, but we’re not sure how to approach given that we need to register a domain to link to Cloudflare.

Can we link multiple CDNs under one domain, e.g. if we register a domain for our CDNs, can we have,, etc?

Looking at the Worker JS/TS code, that might work, however, is this really the preferred way of reaching such a goal? We simply have a requirement for a CDN for our object storage, but it lives at a specific origin domain that we don’t manage, so we can’t link it to the same domain name, we must rewrite the domain for that purpose…

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