Multiple Argo Tunnel in One Host

Recently I subscribed Cloudflare Argo tunnel service. I was wondering how I can run multiple Argo Tunnel in a VM?
For example, I can open two screens and execute
cloudflared tunnel --hostname http://localhost:9000
cloudflared tunnel --hostname http://localhost:8000

The problem is I have keep my terminal open for that or I have to use screen or %h tag. But I don’t like to use them.

I saw there is a config.yml file available, so my question is how I can utilise that config.yml file so that I can run both tunnels from the single config file? It would easy to manage because I can easily enable, stop cloudflared service just executing service cloudflared stop perhaps.

I’m not quite sure how can I do this for my case.
Yeah I tried this one,
I edited existing cloudflared server and replaced by this

Description=Argo Tunnel (%I)

ExecStart=/usr/local/bin/cloudflared --config /etc/cloudflared/%i.yml --no-autoupdate


Doesn’t worked.