Multiple admin-ajax.php and wp-cron.php request

Hello guys,
I’m using Cloudflare DNS, and activating IUAM for the moment.
When checking the firewall overview I noticed a lot of requests from same IPs to admin-ajax.php and wp-cron.php, most of them are from USA and Russia.
I doubted that have to do something with a nulled plugins that’s installed into my website.

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Thank you for asking.

May I ask is the wp-admin/ajax.php Allowed in your robots.txt file? :thinking:

Are they coming from Googlebot, Bingbot and Yandex or?

You can determine the AS number by the IP address and block it by adding the AS number (or IP or IP range) to the Firewall → Tools → IP Access Rules.

Otherwise, maybe some plugin is causing this, etc.

So you have nulled plugins? O-oh, I am sorry but remove them for the sake of security.

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