Multiple accounts support (not multi-user access to same account)

Based on our own experience and plenty of other forum discussions, people like to keep assets for each business/entity completely separate. The easiest way to do this seems to be separate accounts, but this requires the user to log in and out of each one. You could prevent this if you used cookies with paths. If you stored an all accounts cookie with / as the path, then visiting could let you choose from existing logged in accounts, or add more. The Cloudflare logo (and possibly the Home link) could go to that root page. Once logged into an account you would be taken to the account overview at, e.g. and that single account’s cookie would have path set to /deadbeef000000abcdabcdabcdabcd00/ so Cloudflare only sees one account at a time. You would have to force a trailing slash on the session token URL for the path-specific cookie to work. You don’t have to use cookies, the point is allowing simultaneous sessions in a single browser.

Is this a feature request, or an issue with the multi-account feature? Currently, even on free plans, you can give another Cloudflare account complete control over your account to get the effect you’re describing here


I’ve seen many people create a new CF account for each website (or groups of websites), then delegate access to that account to certain people.

Useful discussion in this topic:

I didn’t realise the feature had actually been completed because I expected to be able to log in to multiple accounts at once but only see each one at the hash-prefixed path. I remember it was proposed when the dash. subdomain was in beta.