Multiple A to different IPs

Hi! I need help wit that. I’m native spanish speaker so bear with me.

We have two publics ips like that: and

One of that, is pointed to multiple A records like, and some others. We want to point that two IPs to that domains and what in case one of them is down (suppose a router stops working) the domains still working with the other ip and customers find the service always active.

I was looking for load balancing Cloudflare and i think that is the solution, but i don’t understand how to configure my dns in Cloudflare dashboard so that is done by itself.

Anyone can tell me if what i want to do is possible?

If you are on a Paid Plan, there is already an automatic failover.

There are load balancing instructions here that are very detailed. Only in English, I’m sorry to say.

I do believe that Load Balancer is only for one domain.

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What you shwo me is onnly for notifications. What i need is if one ip is down the other response the domains. So i think i need to use load balancer.

Check Create a load balancer · Cloudflare Load Balancing for an example load balancer config

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My question is how i should configure my DNS records to flow the traffic trought the load balancer?

Please read the entire post. It explains zero-downtime failover on paid plans.

Create CNAME record to point to the LB name if you want to use the same LB for multiple hostnames or the LB name itself can be used as the DNS record as described in the original link.

Create a load balancer · Cloudflare Load Balancing


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