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Hello all, just made a new account here.

My question is about using multiple IP addresses in DNS settings. My context is that I have two servers for the same domain - one in EU and another in USA. If I add the IP addresses of both servers in Cloudflare DNS settings, does it automagically direct user requests to the closest server?

On this support page I read that it will automatically round robin between the different IP addresses. Is there a way to change the setting so that it just sends it to the nearest (using any way it likes to measure “nearness”) server? Obviously I can only afford the free services at this time, but I am hoping that since Cloudflare DNS uses Anycast, this should be possible…



Cloudflare’s anycast is only for anycasting to the nearest CF datacenter, while the CF datacenter itself will only proxy traffic to the single IP address set up for the DNS zone in the dashboard (you can’t add multiple IP addresses to a single dns zone).

The only real way to do this is by using either your own geo-load balancing server, and point CF to the IP address it has, or using Cloudflare’s paid load balancing feature:


Hi Judge,

Thank you for getting back to me. If you check this page: you will see that it is infact possible to add multiple addresses.

I am not sure if I am missing something really obvious…


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