Multiple 520, 522, 524, and 525 with Full and Full (strict) modes

Hello, I’m having multiple 520, 522, 524 and 525 errors when trying to access my website since the day before yesterday.
I have my own SSL certificate in my hosting (Hostinger), which emissor is the Let’s Encrypt Authority X3, but the site gets extremely slow and have these multiple errors when I choose the Full and Full (strict) modes in the SSL/TLS encryption seccion.
However, when I choose my SSL/TLS encryption to flexible, my site works fast and properly. The site also works properly when the DNS is grey clouded.
I also contacted my hosting, and they told me this problem was not at their side, and the handshake problem was happening at the cloudflare side.

I don’t know why is this happening. Can someone help me, please?

I put some printscreens below, but I could not include the 524 and 522 errors, because I updated the page right after they appear, and the 520 and 525 erros are the most common here.

Presento el mismo problema. Como lo arreglaste??

Hi @icob.dss, @claudiopereira, I was just going to reply to this thread to say the first stop for any error should always be the Quick Fix Ideas in the #CommunityTip, and then I was reminded of that when I pressed Reply to your post:

I did that :search: and found

This is another good catalog of tips:

And finally, I have to plug the community-built #Tutorials:


@icob.dss I’m using the Flexible mode since then. I tried all the stuff from the “Community tips” right before posting this question, but as like my hosting support said, even showing “Host Error”, it seems to be a problem with Cloudflare Full and Full (Strict) mode or other Cloudflare configuration.
Try to grey cloud everything and you’ll see that your host is working properly and with the SSL certificate you bought on it.

Changing to Flexible mode solved the problem. However, this mode is less secure and susceptible to the “Man In The Middle” hacker attack.
The slow dashboard is a common Cloudflare problem as like the Full and Full (Strict) mode errors, which happens from time to time for some users.

For example, I’m a cloudflare user since May, and I was using the Full mode properly until August 20. I had these errors twice: first in July, and it was solved by itself, and after in August, when I had to change the mode to flexible to work again.

Well, I’m waiting to grow my blog audience and move to other paid CDN, which seems to be the only way to really solve these problems.

@cloonan I asked here after trying all the community tips :roll_eyes:. I would not ask something and wait some weeks to have a response if I hadn’t tried to solve by myself in the same day with the search and community tips section
Thank you for reminding me about the Community Tips section, but it was not helpful at all.

Switching to Flexible does not fix anything, it only makes your site insecure.

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Yes, I know. It’s susceptible to the “Man In The Middle” hacker attack. By the way, I’m still trying to solve this problem with the Full and Full (strict) modes.
Changing to Flexible solved the slow dashboard and the multiple errors problems, and my website can be accessed again. On the other hand, it made my website insecure.

If it loads fine via HTTP but shows errors on HTTPS, then your server’s SSL configuration will be broken. That is something your host needs to fix however.

Which mode is it on right now? Currently it loads fine from everywhere except Russia

Thank you for checking it. The website is running the flexible mode now. I blocked the access from Russia with cloudflare rules, so maybe it explains the load problem in Russia.
Going to the SSL section in the c-Panel show me this certificate

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Assuming your server IP address ends in 121 it would seem as if there was an issue with your SSL configuration (as just mentioned). Your site sometimes loads, but then also times out or shows a broken SSL connection.

All of that would explain these errors and that’s something only your host can fix I am afraid.

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Thank you for helping me. I’ll contact my host support to check this SSL configuration issue.
As soon as they fix it, I’ll update here :v:

It seems to be intermittent issues. Right now the site does load, though it has a loading time of 20+ seconds.

Something is off with that server’s SSL configuration.

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I would recommend to keep Cloudflare paused for now, until they fix that and the site loads consistently fast and correctly. Only then unpause Cloudflare

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Thank you for the advice @sandro :grinning:. I wrote a message to my host’s support team and I’ll wait to see what they can do about the SSL issue.

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After checking my host support, they fixed my SSL certificate issue and the problem was finally solved :raised_hands: :raised_hands:
Thank you so much @sandro for the advices!
The website is working fine with the Full Encrypted mode now :grinning:

Excellent. Just make sure it is “Full strict”, not just “Full”. While both use SSL, only “Strict” actually validates the certificate. Simple “Full” is not fully secure.

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Thank you for remembering it too. I’ll make this change :grinning:
Have a great weekend :v:

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