Multip IP's for 1 URL


Is there a way in DNS to for me to use 2 IP’s for 1 URL to point to?

I’m trying to achieve a failover for VPN users of my company. We have 2 internet connections and the VPN traffic is routed on when. When it goes down, I have to manually change the ip to the other Internet connection. My firewalls support told me I can use both IPs for the URL the VPN is trying to connect to.

Can this be done?


You can simply add two entries for the same subdomain to the two IPs. As long as the entries are A/AAAA they are fine. You can’t easily (or without additional cost) select the IP they will connect to. If you want real failover use CF’s Load Balancing, which cost per request and I’m not completely sure about support for grey clouded subdomains:


Sure, just create a second A or AAAA record.


Thank you! I figured creating a second record was the answer - I just dont want to make any sudden moves during business hours and risk booting out remote users.

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