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Bit of a strange question regards the Cloudflare cache. We have a single WordPress site with multiple domains all pointing at the same source files. The various domains are used for language translations on the site.

We want to move the site to a new server but the Cloudflare cache is doing such a great job of speeding up the site we don’t want to change the DNS to point to the new server and things instantly slow down. So if we changed one or two of the sites so their DNS points to the new server is Cloudflare intelligent enough to cache the common resources used on these domains so when we change the DNS on the next domain a cache is already built up and the speed of this domain/site not affected?

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In my opinion, you are giving too much importance to the very first visitor for any given page of your sites/domains.

The way Cloudflare works is by caching only when the resource is first requested, and then evicting this cache when it feels it should, mostly when the asset is no longer being requested often. But that is done on a datacenter by datacenter basis, so if you English language domain has most visitors coming from, say, Great Britain, chances are your assets will be quickly re-cached at CF’s UK colocations, but may not be cached in India or Japan until some request comes to their datacenters.

The same for all language/colocation pairs (I’m assuming each language will have different main datacenters, as far as the number of visitors goes).

You said

and that makes me think your sites have a good number of visitors (hence the effective caching by Cloudflare). If that’s the case, you should not worry too much. As soon as your domains point to the new servers, only the first visitor for each given asset should feel a speed downgrade, the subsequent visitors benefiting from the same cache efficiency your current visitors do.

And you can even be that fist visitor, by writing a script that request your most visited pages from different locations (you can search this community for more on that)

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Thanks very much Floripare! I appreciate that.

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