Multilingual, multi-domain website

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I found a similar post but I don’t understand the answer!

I have the same case, a wordpress site with the WPML module to manage several languages, and I chose to put one language per domain name.
I use today, it’s very simple there is a “domain alias” configuration which allows to add other domains to the first domain registered in their service.

But how does it work here, because if I have to add the two domains and make the same configurations?
If I want to switch to a pro offer, do I have to pay twice for the same final website?

I specify that the goal is not to make a redirection. must be the French site and must be the English site.

Thank you in advance for your help,

One domain per plan. Each zone (domain) has its own configurations, even if they are identical. And, yes, if you were to pay the Pro Plan, it would be $20 per domain.

If you have the possibility of changing the setup, you could do:


Under the same domain, therefore the same plan.


What if he pays PRO for 1st domain and uses CNAMEs for the 2nd domain for FREE? This should work!

I admit my example is bad with “abcd” because indeed I worked on the domain names so that they are easily memorized in the language of the countries concerned in relation to the activity.

It is indeed, I think the price to pay :frowning:

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I am not an expert in setting up domain names. But it seems to me that CNAMEs are for subdomains.
Unless you’re going to teach me something I don’t know.
Do you have an example configuration?

CNAME = Canonical Name record, in short an alias. CNAME can map one record to another. You can even map a CNAME to the root @ address when using Cloudflare (no A records in DNS), but it must reffer to an existing record on the same account somewhere (your server A record set once, then used as a CNAME everywhere on other domains).

With CNAME flattening, Cloudflare finds the IP address that a CNAME points to.

Thanks I will try !

I set up the configuration.
Now when creating a page rule for the domain that owns the CNAME I should do it in which account?

as a reminder, I will put a config

Main website:
Second domain name :

Config DNS in the Second domain name :

With this type of DNS configuration, do I still have to configure in the second domain name or do you do it in the main domain (which would have the paid option)?
Or do I still have to distribute some configurations?

Thank you in advance for your answers

This should work. You are aliasing the .com site to .fr site, Cloudflare will flatten the www to the .fr site as it is an alias of an alias. Both sites must be under the same account or you’ll get a Cloudflare error for cross-account aliasing.

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