Multilingual, multi-domain repo management with Cloudflare

Hello there,

I have a repo with a multilingual Hugo static site generator that generates sites for specified domain. How can I get this repo up and running on Cloudflare Pages?

As an example,

# English domain: 

# French domain:

Cloudflare will host both domains, however when the build is run output folder will have two sites. How can I implement this in Cloudflare pages? CI/CD

can Cloudflare pages handle the hugo multilingual domain specific site generation?


If i was able to reuse the repo for more than 1 site that would have been great as an example the output folder have 2 directories

- english
- french

if Cloudflare give the option to chose a folder for the static prebuilt site that will also help this way i can choose

# English domain: 
- build folder: english

# French domain:
- build folder: french

is there any reason why a repo can only be used once? is there a possibility to use a repo twice in Cloudflare pages?


Monorepo support (so having multiple sites within a single repo) is on the way, but it isn’t currently a feature.

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thanks @KianNH for the future insight and i hope Cloudflare does provide the option to select different folder in each site.

but as of now is there any solution for this to handle the hugo build for multidomain export?