Multi-User Account for a Vendor


My account has approximately 50 domains. I have a website design vendor that would like access to our account to administer the API, cache settings, purging the cache and page rules, for the 3 domains that they manage websites for. I would like to invite them to our account, but lock down the account to only allow them to administer the four items above for 3 of our 50 domains. Is this possible? If yes, how can can I lock down their access?


  • Ronnie

It has to be done in the opposite direction. Those three domains would have to be in their own account, which would be set up as a Multi-User account.

Yes, I have thought about that. However, if I move those 3 domains to their own Cloudflare account and invite the vendor as a another user on the account, the vendor would still have access to DNS and other features that I was hoping to restrict their access to.

I’ve not used the Multi-User feature, but that article mentioned Roles for users. I don’t know how customizable that is for non-Enterprise plans.

Short of that, your only other option would be API Tokens you can use in your current account.

That is what we currently have setup for this vendor. Thanks.

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