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We currently have one Cloudflare account containing many domains for many clients. Currently we are attempting to get as many clients pointed at our Cloudflare account as possible, but some choose not to relinquish control of their DNS for obvious reasons. While we can suggest they create their own Cloudflare account, we’d prefer they didn’t due to content caching issues we may run into. For example, if we update content on a client’s site, we’d have to reach out to them when complete to ensure their current content cache is cleared, but if we manage their site in our Cloudflare, we will be able to clear the cache simply.

My question is - is it possible for us to setup a client’s domain in our Cloudflare and provide them delegate access to just their DNS for only their domain? I’m not seeing/reading any literature out there for this feature, but I may have missed it.

Also, if someone has been in this situation or similar and has any suggestions, we are all ears. Thank you very much!


I believe it is currently impossible, there a multi-user beta but that is way more simplified than what you are requiring.

You have, I believe, two options:

  1. but not sure if it would solve/help in your case.
  2. contact sales and see what they can do, probably will work in some sort of Enterprise Plan, but don’t know the costs about that…


There isn’t an easy way to do this in Cloudflare’s UI. However, since API access is available, you could develop your own tool to allow customers to manage their own DNS records via API calls to your account. Similarly, if the user managed their own Cloudflare account and provided you the API key, you could perform whatever actions are needed on their behalf.


They could possibly do the opposite, each user creates their own account and, using the new Multi User option, share the access to them. That could probably work, but don’t know exactly the details as the Multi User is the only beta I never was interested in. Maybe @ryan can point the question to the right person…

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