Multi subdomain tenant cf-pages

Hello Cloudflare community!

I am seeking a solution to optimize my multi-tenant SAAS system when migrating to Cloudflare Pages, eliminating the need for the nginx proxy server.

Currently, I use Cloudflare DNS to point to my nginx proxy server, which, in turn, redirects to Cloudflare Pages. However, I face challenges in trying to direct more than 800 DNS records directly to Cloudflare Pages without the mediation of nginx. -> ->
(...) ->
  1. Custom Domains on Pages:
    Obstacle: Inadequate DNS record limit for the intended quantity.

  2. URL Rewrite:
    Challenge: Rewrite limited to path or query, without support for the host.

  3. Pointing existing DNS records to Pages DNS:
    Error 522 Connection Timed Out.

  4. Using Origin Rules:
    Limitation: Only possible to rewrite ports.

  5. Page Rules:
    Restriction: The available rule is for redirection, with the option for rewrite only in the enterprise plan.

  6. Rewrite to an Intermediate Path, with Redirect to the Final URL:
    Challenge: The rewrite does not follow the redirection, prompting the browser to perform the redirection.

  7. Using a Worker with Wildcard Subdomain:
    It works; however, all DNS records are directed to the worker, including subdomains related to other functionalities, such as APIs. Moreover, it implies additional costs.

I am searching for a more direct solution to point my existing DNS to Cloudflare Pages, ensuring simplicity and efficiency, as in my previous environment, where only 4 lines of configuration in nginx were sufficient.

Appreciate any guidance or suggestions from the community!