Multi-site domain re-direct


I have a multi-site wordpress site built as follows;
Main Site:
Site 2: /location1
Site 3: /location2
Site 4: /location3
Site 5: /knowlegde-centre

I’m wanting to create a blog site off wordpress and send /knowledge-centre to that site and display the same /knowlegde-centre.

Could someone please tell me how to set up the DNS?

Hope that makes sense.
Thanks in advance

You should already have the necessary DNS records for your multisite.

Just add Page Rule:
Match: (double-check spelling)
Setting: Forwarding URL (301)

Thank you for your speedy response. I may not have explained correctly.

I’m using a builder for the blog so I’m wanting to whitelabel it so I need to setup either an A record or a CName to point to the whitelabel, if that makes sense.

DNS isn’t going to make a subdirectory of one domain appear as a completely different domain. That has to be done at your server. DNS will just point the new domain to your same server.

Oh, so I need to talk to my server host.

They might have some sort of domain mapping feature that will map the new domain to a folder in the source domain.

Thank you

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