Multi-platform container PRs for cloudflared

Hello, I will start by apologizing if the following comes off as annoying. I have been looking for container images for cloudflared in arm for sometime now. It seems like a popular request too and there is an open issue tracking this request on GitHub. There is also a PR that attempts to fix this issue. But there is hardly any activity on these. The community has started using their own images, even I am using my own image at this point but would have preferred using the 1st party image, mostly due to security reasons.

Moreover, the associated PR seems to solve this issue by introducing new CI and I wanted to clarify the same with the maintainers but have not received any response yet. I am not sure of the reason but I decided to post here in the hope that maybe GitHub notifications were not going through.

Personally, I feel like it would be good idea to introduce this change before the next release of cloudflared goes through as it would help the whole arm community.

I have mentioned this before but I am willing to contribute in any way I can to see this issue get resolved.

Again apologies if all this comes of as irritating but it would be great if we at least got some info if this was low priority or having a major blocker.

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