Multi DNS records detected in website which shows "The site is experiencing technical difficulties."

When visiting, it says “The site is experiencing technical difficulties.”
I check the DNS settings in Cloudflare and from domain provider, as follows:

Some saying multiple DNS records were found on it and I don’t whether is true or not, could any expert here help with me? Thanks.

At the time of writing this, your DNS record(s) are not Proxied (:orange:), as indicated in the included screenshots.

That means the traffic flows directly to the Alibaba Cloud server, which you are pointing your A record(s) to.

The mentioned error is coming from the WordPress installation running on the Alibaba Cloud server mentioned above.

Given the above, this issue is NOT related to Cloudflare.

My advice would therefore be to check the error logs of your web server, and so on, for information about what is actually causing the error.

Considering you’re specifically asking for an expert, - are you able to do such troubleshooting on your own?

If not, and given that this is an issue with your your WordPress installation, - a consultant with expertise in WordPress installations could eventually be a better option than the Cloudflare Community.

More error information, such as error logs from that Alibaba Cloud server would be mandatory for further troubleshooting.

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