mTLS or generating certificates broke data passthrough

Hi, after enabling and disabling and removing client ceritificates cloudflare bricked data pass through.
Here are some request examples:
Request directly to server ip:
Request through cloudflare proxied domain: (nossl/ssl works same)
Firewall logs clean, I’ve tried to disable every feature that CF provides, happend even on my test prestashop installation.
On other domain (same host, vhost) CF proxied - no problem.
How can i fix this?

Best Regards

What do you mean by bricked? I’m not sure I see any issue in your screenshots, can you describe more about the exact HTTP request & response you are seeing? Full headers are helpful.

Hi Simon,
Ive fixed this problem by transfering my domain to new account, I tried everything but it somehow “bricked” any sort of of http post communication between any host => server hidden by cloudflare proxied domain.

So, when I enabled mTLS for subdomain (and created client certificate) any traffic that was sent to * and wasn’t sending to my server.
I tried reaching to community on cloudflare workers discord but they didn’t now what the heck happend to me and my domain.
So I made simple script in PHP that prints everything that came in POST (php://input), and while sending requests to server under cloudflare proxied domain eg. there was no response from server ( I tried on another host - same result. So I tried to do this request directly to my host and I received normal response ( So I thought hmm. if its broken on it should be also broken on - and it wasn’t. So only one domain that with mtls enabled was bricked. I tried from revoking client certificates, disabling mtls, switching every possible button on cloudflare panel but everything didn’t work (I want to mention that this domain was more then 300 days on cloudflare and this happend now). I cant provide you headers because I was testing it live on postman and I dont have copies of those requests but I created ticket at the time I was testing this bug.

PS. Firewall logs were empty (my IP wasn’t challanged and blocked)

Unfortunately I am struggling to understand what the exact problem you saw was - so it’s really hard for me to advise you further or really speculate about what might have happened.

If you are still encountering this problem or you encounter it again, please capture the full HTTP request & response headers (or replicate using curl with -v verbose output on) and share with us so we can take a look.

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