mTLS host name does not work with UTF8 and internationalized domains

I am trying to enable mTLS with this guide with my domains: Enable mTLS · Cloudflare SSL/TLS docs

Everything worked well with a standard domain, but it failed on internationalized domains with error: “hostname does not belong to zone in input (Code: 1415)”

I tried this with Firefox, Edge and Chrome, they all produce the same result. I also tried to use punycode to enter the panel, no luck.

I tried to search the equivalent API in the doc, but I only found mTLS host API for origin-pull which I don’t think has anything to do with this setting.

Would be great if someone can provide a fix or workaround

Demo (GIF):

I guess nobody cares about internationalized domains from Cloudflare isnt it? No response from the community forum and CF support does not even bother to read the support ticket.

Opened a ticket on December 06, and today it asks me to post here again without even reading the request. Okay, here I am posting again…

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Have you ensured that the hostname belongs to the same domain that you are creating the mtls certificate and/rule for?

Hi there, this is Nathan with the Support Team and definitely apologize about the delay. We are able to reproduce the issue and will get this issue escalated internally. We will provide an update once this has been fixed.


This is a much better response! I dont mind wait patiently, since I am a free customer. However I do mind when support not willing to read the whole situation and give a careless response. Thank you Nathan for willing to read and understand the situation! :+1:

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Any update on this issue? I’m having the same problem as OP.


According to my support ticket, this is the latest update so far,

Just FYI

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Awsome, thanks Jack.

Hi Nathan. I’ve been trying to reach support for over a week now. You guys also required to pay for support by subscribing to PRO - which I did. Is it my turn maybe to get an important issue resolved? I’m a backend dev and I could help you out if you are understaffed and not capable of resolving this issue.