MTA-STS Policy

Hi there,

  • I am configuring the MTA-STA.
  • I have to change the policy from this:
    version: STSv1 / mode: enforce / mx: * mx cloudflare net / max_age: 86400


version: STSv1 / mode: testing / mx: smtp google com / max_age: 604800

Because I am using Google Workspave email service.
How can I do this. I cant figure out how.
Any help is well come.

my mistake: MTA-STS, not MTA-STA.

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Have you gone over Google’s support documentation?

See this thread for step-by-step instructions, adapting the policy to your own: MTA-STS Multi line record - #3 by fritex

But, I’m wondering, are you migrating from Cloudflare Email routing to Google Workspace? If not, why do you have Cloudflare Email Routing’s policy, to begin with, and do you have any other leftovers from Cloudflare Email Routing that may be at odds with Google Workspace?


Yes I have.

The policy of “https: // mta-sts solarmora com/ well-known/mta-sts txt” must be different. I cant figure out how to do it in Cloudflare.

The WORKER should return that GOOGLE information. Not the Cloudflare information.

The WORKER should return that GOOGLE information.

Note that Cloudflare Worker template you have deployed merely proxies to your own domain. And this policy file – which you cannot change – is only suitable for Cloudflare Email routing – it’s not going to work with any other provider.

If you want to use a Cloudflare Worker to host your policy file, you’ll need to write the code to do this yourself. There are more moving parts involved in using Workers to serve a static file. That’s above my pay level, but here’s a blog post someone wrote: Hosting MTA-STS .txt file on CloudFlare Workers | Mike Hosker

The alternative, and that’s the step-by-step instructions shown in the Google documentation and the forum links I provided above, is to host the policy file at your origin server.

  • Now looks like the policy is correct but Still google returns an error - “Missing Mode Field”.

Could be if there is some empty new line or a whitespace character added? :thinking:

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Yes indeed.

Thank You so much.


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