Mt new site is not showing up as secure

Hey all,

I added a new site to my cloudflare account about 24 hours ago with a flexible SSL option but it’s still showing up as not secure.

So far as I can see I have followed the steps correctly but something’s clearly adrift somewhere.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



That’s because it isn’t:

Let me be perfectly clear: Flexible SSL is NOT secure. By definition. If your server doesn’t have SSL/TLS for your site, your site will not be secure. It’s like putting a bandaid on a badly infected wound. You need to treat the infection before you put the bandaid on.

It sounds like having a secure site is important to you. Ask your host to secure it properly.

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Sure, I’m aware of the above, it’s just the Google SEO thing, needing to look secure, I have full encryption when using forms etc.

I was enquiring why this site wasn’t showing up looking secure like my other site on Cloudflare, I was wondering whether it just takes time or if I find missed something…


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You most certainly do not. If the source is not secured, anything embedded in that source is suspect.

Again, if security is important to you, you’ll secure it at the origin.

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