MSP/Agency Master/Sub/shared account feature



I’ve looked at the feature request for multi-user access. Which I believe is important and very necessary. I also think Partner accounts that give access to user accounts would be extremely helpful as well.

The problem I have is what is the best way to work it out. For example, should the Master account own the sub account? Or should it be modeled after Facebook’s business manager where people can share their accounts with multiple agencies?

My personal preference would be to model it after Facebook’s business manager, where a CF account could “grant access” to their I.T. company and their Web Design guy at the same time.

It would also be helpful if there was a log of changes made to keep people accountable.

In addition, you should be able to create new accounts from your “master” account that essentially give you access to the new CF account.


Thanks for sharing. I posted to the request topic earlier that I can now say publicly that it’s on the roadmap for this quarter. I’m still awaiting details on how it will work for different plans, but it’s coming. We understand that some people need very granular control and may want to extend different permission levels and access to different people. Keep checking back and we may have an external beta going very soon.