MS RD Gateway through Argo?

Anyone gotten a MS RD Gateway to work through argo? I was hoping this would help my users in mainland china that have frequent disconnects but I am just not able to connect when I switch the gateway address to the argo tunnel. I have tried all the ssl bridging options but it makes no difference.

Unfortunately, mainland China isn’t a great region in terms of Cloudflare performance. If you’re an enterprise, you can look into the China network.

I’ve had good luck with argo to web apps from mainland China. The performance benefit has been significant. My issues is RD Gateway working anywhere through Argo.

I should also note that I tried turning off the UDP transport. Argo shows
ERRO[0042] HTTP request error error=“read tcp [::1]:49982->[::1]:443: wsarecv: An existing co
nnection was forcibly closed by the remote host.”