MS LMS courses can not be add , edite

MS LMS courses can not be edited - I explain here Issues with Course can not be seen or edited | Loom

Hi there,

I’ve taken a look at your video and could not reproduce the issue. Looking at it, I assumed it was either a caching issue or a WAF issue, so I started by analyzing the status of each request, but except for a few 404 in some images, the page loads and when I click the preview I see the text description of each course, so I’m assuming you already figured it out and solved it.

One thing I do notice is the load times are painfully slow on non cached assets:

15~16s of load time is a lot for today’s standards. You should consider creating rules to force cache except for pages you expect will change often. By having assets cached, you’ll be relying on Cloudflare’s edge server speed instead of having to go back to your origin to fetch each asset, thus making the website faster.

On an end note, if your issue is merely adding the course from your admin back-office, please take a look at this post:

Take care.