Mqtt broker protected

I need to setup an MQTT broker on my server. I want my ip address hidden but i read that the free version of Cloudflare doesn’t accept MQTT proxied.

Is the only “alternative” to have an enterprise account (probably really expensive?) or are there other alternatives?
Like other providers who can do it and use the non-proxy service to set dns to the other service?

All the help is appreciated

There is a pubsub beta here, you could try Get started · Cloudflare Pub/Sub. Other than that the only Cloudflare solution is warp

Maybe ngrok will allow you to proxy the TCP.

The Cloudflare Pub/Sub is a mqtt broker itself right? I have a Node broker installed on my server which i need to connect to. Also the warp solution is a client tool? The device that is connecting to the MQTT broker is an ESP32 which is installed at my customers locations

Yes, it is a broker that is native to Cloudflare.

This is correct. Warp would need to be installed and configured on all client.