MP4 won’t load with Cloudflare on


I’ve got a website where I’m using the html tag to play an mp4 video, but for some odd reason, with cloudflare on, the mp4 doesn’t load up at all. Once I pause cloudflare, it works perfectly.

It’s obviously not an issue on my or the server’s end, it’s definitely an issue with cloudflare.

I’ve seen several posts regarding the same issue, but none of the fixes suggested in them worked since they all involved trying to fix it on the server side, even though the issue isn’t with the server but with cloudflare itself.

What do you guys think?

#3 … I currently have CF disabled otherwise it won’t work.


Is it only trouble in Safari?


Not sure, haven’t tried it anywhere else.


It’s been discussed to death here.


I’ve already had a look at these, they seem to blame it on the server… but as described above, it’s not an issue with the server as everything works perfectly with CF off… it’s only when CF is turned on that the issue starts occurring.


Do we want to blame safari then since the problem only happens there?

It’s an issue with the way the file is served by the origin in conjunction with cloudflare and viewed in safari. Change any one of those and it works fine.
Those threads show mp4s being served by IIS, through cloudflare, and viewed just fine in Safari. Or use apache + cloudflare + not safari. Or use apache + not cloudflare + safari.

So… the only thing in your control is your server. Change the way it serves MP4s and you’ll be all set.

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