MP4 videos will not play on any browser


Another issue with MP4 on Cloudflare.

I have read

MP4 videos behind CloudFlare won't play in any browser, and all the other one I can find

None of those solutions work, also my issue is not limited to just Safari, this is every browser.

I have an M4V file hosted on Firebase Hosting and cached/proxied by Cloudflare, this file fails to play on every browser.

Firebase Link:
Cloudflare Link:

It’s a short video, but it plays on MacOS Firefox. Looks like a 9 second slideshow.

Safari said: Failed to load resource: Plug-in handled load for the Cloudflare link.

On Firebase, it works after a brief stumble. I’m not a video expert, so it may be an issue with how the video is encoded that Cloudflare has difficulty proxying.

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