Mp4 videos not displaying on iphone and ipad

i’ve read and tried many of the cloudflare-related posts about how to get mp4 videos to display on ipad and iphone, but none of them have worked. our mp4 video shows up fine on windows and android. only iphone and ipad appear to be problems.

when i toggle cloudflare to development mode, the video displays fine on iphone and ipad.
but when i toggle back to cloudflare CDN, both devices display nothing.

our test video is down to 290px x 163x and just 177k.

a test page is at

both the html page and mp4 file are sitting in a directory called ‘mediapath’ that has the following page rules:
cache level: bypass

our other page rule is
Browser Cache TTL: a day, Cache Level: Cache Everything, Edge Cache TTL: 2419200 seconds

(i’ve continued this question with a few lines posted in the first reply below.)

any suggestions will be much appreciated!

thank you

i will add that safari is also unable to open our mp4 file. attached is a snapshot of our headers vs those for a gavityworks cloudflare video post (that apppears to work fine on our ios devices):

This has come up before. Have you used the Search function?

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