MP4 videos behind CloudFlare won't play in any browser


I’m having trouble playing MP4 videos hosted on Firebase on a Cloudflare enabled domain. There are a lot of similar questions online, mostly regarding only Safari. No proper answers though, plus I’m having trouble in every browser.

Here’s the video on a single Firebase hosting, on two domains (one with and other without Cloudflare):
Cloudflare + Firebase:

Using Page Rules I tried disabling caching (bypass), disabling Automatic HTTPS rewrites and a few other things, but nothing worked.

Comparing headers I see that the “etag” header is not being forwarded by Cloudflare. Could that be the issue? There is an offical article about etags on Cloudflare (can’t link, I’m a new CF community user). Not sure why Cloudflare isn’t forwarding my etags, since Firebase automatically gzips all files and I disabled Email obfuscation as well as Automatic HTTPS Rewrites.

Here’s my headers: (sorry for images, but I can’t add more than 2 links per post since I’m a new CF community user)



Have you seen this thread?

I did see this thread, but it was closed before a solution was given. It could be the same problem, but I tried everything in the answers and it did not solve it for me.

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